Thursday, October 20, 2011

NC State Fair

Well the State Fair is going on right now, which means a lot of things for our family.  Primarily it means Travis has a little more work than usual as the Chaplain of the fair, but also a lot of fun things
that go along with it.  For instance we are able to go as a family, which is a lot of fun, we usually go on Senior Citizen day as it is less crowded and get there early to ensure that...
Our schedule is :
1.  Go by Campers on Mission-this is one of the arms of the fair that serves the workers of the fair with free food, clothing, haircuts, blood pressure and the good news of Jesus everyday.
2.  Go by and see all the animals.
3.  Ride on the rides.
4.  Eat our snack lunch if you want to call it that:) (some of its contents are kettle corn, fried candy bar, caramel apple, cotton candy)-so not our healthiest lunch-but apples are good for you:)
5.  Go home for naps
Isaiah, Anna, Sammy at PBS Booth with Cat in the Hat

Kids in a hummer at the Army Reserves area, checking out where they shoot from.

Anna and Sammy(barely seen) on hot air balloon ride

Sammy on horse, this was his favorite but he LOVED all the rides.

Anna on carousel.

Look closely Sammy riding in back of the green jeep!

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