Friday, November 11, 2011

I think I would like a squatty potty!

Well I told my friend that I may write about this one day, and it has come, potty talk.  We don't really like this kind of talk at our house, especially at the dinner table, but I thought I would share my least favorite chore of the house these days...that is despite the mountain o laundry that is always what is it, that is right cleaning the toilets.  And it is not really the toilet itself, I don't mind scrubbing toilets, it is just the energy and what I have to clean up at the toilets in my home...I'll give you a hint with three boys who don't always have perfect aim.  So what I have realized over this month of seeing more of this is that I think it would be better if you have boys to have eastern toilets for them, the squatty potty, hole in the ground.  I say this because my lament in cleaning the toilets in the bathroom is that as I get down there to clean, I look in every direction around the toilet and realize that needs cleaning too, I mean really!  So I used to have book case type things in every bathroom, yep stuff all over them, I got rid of two just so I wouldn't have one more surface to wipe pee off of.  So I am still amazed as I sit on the floor cleaning wondering how is it possible to get pee all the way on a side wall, a back wall, the sideboards of the bathroom, you name the surface I'm just amazed...then the actual toilet itself, there are just so many nooks and crannies that it is a I say if you just have a hole in the ground, then I think it would be less surface to clean, yes they would still miss but their aim would be way lower.  So I'm thinking of making a movement, moms with boys need squatty pottys!  Okay if you don't like potty talk, hopefully you stopped reading at the first line.  Still thankful for my boys though! 

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  1. I agree!!!!!!! Then you could just mop the entire bathroom and be done with it!