Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th-Sorrowful yet rejoicing

July 4th is a day we celebrate our independence as a country and this year, I couldn't help feeling a little like Paul in 2 Corinthians 6 when he was talking about the coming of the Lord and all that would be endured, he said all these opposites, dying yet living, and sorrowful yet rejoicing..and that sums up this 4th. I rejoice at the party of our country and the freedoms we have that we often take for granted, yet this day still brings great pain to my heart. A year ago my precious grandmother went on to be with Jesus, again dying, yet living, that is what she did, and here sorrow, yet rejoicing that she is no longer in pain....yet her absence hurts very deeply. As my kids say I still cry sometimes just at the mention of her name, you never know what brings it on, but it just comes. A person on this earth that was filled with an undying, enduring never wavering love is now not here... So as its been a year since she has left, it seems unreal in some ways, I look at video of her and it seems she is still here. Oh how I do wish I could call her up and talk to her. This is the pain of death that hurts, that doesn't go away. Grandma was a classic in the truest since of the word, so fitting that she left this earth on the day of our country's independence. My grandma was one of the strongest women I know, she left a legacy that I hope to impart to my children and thankful she did while she was here. Grandma a year later you are still deeply missed!
She earned the order of the arrow an award given by the Boy Scouts of America
She loved her great grandkids, called them all doodlebugs.
She was a women who was faithful to her family.
Possibly more pictures to come and maybe video..working on getting that to the rest of the family and so thankful to have found it!!!

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