Friday, August 17, 2012

School has started!!!

Micah and Anna started school at Oak City Academy last week, along with their friend/brother J'marree. This is the school that Anna went to last year and we are blessed beyond measure for Micah and J'marree to be able to go this year. They are enjoying it so far and have made some wonderful new friends already as well as kept the old best friends from last year.
This is a picture from their first day of school with Ms. Wylie who is the assistant teacher for their class, she moved up from Anna's class last year so this was an added blessing, something familiar! On the homeschool note, we have Isaiah in 4th grade and we started last week as well with just math and reading. We will start full force next week and Isaiah has the opportunity to be a part of a classical conversations community that we will go to on friday's where he will be learning a ton of stuff that we will reinforce at home. Sammy is enjoying his classes in costume design, medieval warfare and culinary 101:) Will have to add a picture of these two later:) We are excited to be back into a routine, though not sure we will ever have a normal routine, this is our life and we are blessed and thankful beyond measure!

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