Monday, April 11, 2011

Flat Stanley Project

We had the honor of helping one of our nephews Tyson in Tennessee with a school project called Flat Stanley, for those who don't know this is a book about a boy(I think) haven't read it but anyway who gets flat and goes in the mail, so the aim of this project was for Tyson to send us a flat stanley in the mail and we got to take him around our city and show him the sites and then mail him back and tell of his adventures.  So I thought I would show you some of the places we took Flat Stanley while he was here in Raleigh.  It really was alot of fun and our kids enjoyed it as well!  First we went to Krispy Kreme, founded in Winston Salem, NC a must see while here and partake of as well.  Then we ventured to the Governor's Mansion, Capital Building and Monuments, Carolina Hurricane's building and NC State Stadium.  At the Stadium as you will see in the pictures our boys had on Duke t-shirts, they are of course Duke fans via their Papa who is a Duke fan.  So we walk in the office of NC State football stadium with Duke shirts on with a bunch of guys sitting in the foyer, who looked like football player types, don't know if they were recruits or already players but I didn't think that through ahead of time, but they just kind of laughed and said somethings that I couldn't hear.  But the lady was real friendly she took us around and let us go up and see the field from the second floor, the boys of course loved this! So enjoy the pictures of our adventures with Flat Stanley.
Krispy Kreme assembly line, HOT NOW is going on!

Governor's mansion

Capitol building

Capitol Building and Washington Monument

Canon, Anna trying to shoot Micah:)

Wolfpack Stadium

Inside Wolfpack stadium, they had lots of cool football stuff.

Wolfpack field, a little dark, I had some kids who were afraid of heights here and wouldn't move much:)

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