Monday, April 18, 2011

Tornado's in Raleigh

Well if you saw the news, then you have seen the devastation that took place here on Saturday afternoon.  This is a first for our family and I think we are still in shock and processing that we lived through a tornado, we are a very THANKFUL family and community! This storm probably only lasted 10 minutes or so cruising through town, but left a lot of damage and took many lives in the process.  Our city is still recovering and many efforts are being made to help all those in need, it is encouraging to see the church and community come together and show love.  Here are some pictures from our backyard, these are nothing compared to things a couple streets over and further north, but thought you would like to see what happened on our block!

View from my back porch to the back yard, that is usually an open field.

Another back yard view!

Our house, we were going for the speckled look, if you look you can see a stick that was lodged in our siding, random.

Our street, the brick building is Shaw University roof was torn off.

The kids playing on the tree that fell on Cordell's porch.

View from other side, our house is between the tree's you can barely see it.

Tree that fell on Cordell's(our neighbors) porch, just missed their house.

Roots of that big tree that fell above, it was a BIG tree!

Sunday, workday it is starting to be cleared out as our church family works together!!

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