Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well life has been plugging along here so thought I would share some random things that have gone on lately in no order of importance and then share some pics!  Enjoy!

We are recovering from the tornado's, still a lot of tree's down everywhere, but thankful to have our van back with new windows!!

We had a great Easter celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our church family. 

Sammy's adventures lately:  He decided he needed to vaseline his legs, so he put a little:) more than I would have on his legs, but he was so kind to put the cap on after his adventure...As a fourth child
he loves his siblings, the older two went to spend the night with some friends and Sammy was in there alone.  When I went back upstairs to go to bed, both Anna's and the boys bedroom doors were open and he was in there sleeping in Anna's bed with her, he surely doesn't like to be alone.  So again just last night, Sammy had a fever and ear infection so tried to put him by himself away from the other kids in Anna's bed and moved Anna into Sammy's spot.  They were all sound asleep but when I got up in the morning sure enough he got up sometime in the middle of the night and made his way back to his bed, so the bottom bunk was filled with Micah, Anna and Sammy.  I wish I would have thought to take a picture but that is a little to early to be thinking camara.  So needless to say he likes company!

Micah and Isaiah are finishing up school and doing really well.  Isaiah will have his first official end of the year testing at the end of May, so we are looking forward to that. 

They are all finishing up soccer as well, with only a couple games left, they have done really well this year.

We got a completed official copy of our homestudy in the mail this week!  Yeah!!  So now we are mailing our USCIS paperwork in, hopefully tomorrow.  Now we can apply for grants and do some other fundraising projects that you have to have this to move forward so we are excited about that.
Easter Sunday pictures at church....note Sammy's hand:)

Another view!

Our Williams Family Easter Egg Hunt.

Sammy wasting no time to eat what was inside!

Anna at a princess party in honor of the Royal Wedding.

Sammy with Anna's shirt on pretending to be Batman.

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