Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eating Cereal

I love cereal, I always say that I could eat it for every meal.  Well some of my children share my love.  But it's funny how they all eat it differently.  Isaiah and Micah do like cereal, but they eat it plain in a bowl, with no milk so I give them milk to drink:)  Anna and Sammy do like to eat theirs with milk and as you can see Sammy likes to drink the milk out of the bowl when he is done.  (Don't know where he got that from:)  Tonight we had cereal for dinner and I gave the kids sunny delight to drink, Sammy decided to pour his sunny delight in his bowl before I could pour the milk in it.  He did actually eat a little of it, but all the others were kind of grossed out.  So we think cereal is fun and always an adventure as well.

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