Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Day of Dress Up and Couch Jumping

The kids love to dress up so this day started by playing sleep over which just means they wear their pajama's and get all their stuffed animals in a designated area.  But they decided to keep coming downstairs with one or two weird pieces of clothing on and Sammy just went along with it, not sure what he was doing.  All of this while Isaiah was trying to do his reading homework, which he did a good job in the midst of chaos.  Shortly there after he had to move as the playing turned into couch jumping.  We do remind our kids that while we allow them to jump on our couch(its so old:), that not everyone does:)

Isaiah trying read:)

Micah catching some air!

Sammy trying!

Anna before the jump.

And after, can you say rat's nest!

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