Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What do a toothbrush and toilet roll holder have in common?

Well you guessed it!  These are things that Sammy thought would be fun to throw in the toilet and then flush them.  I felt like he had thrown something in our upstairs toilet one day, but I caught him afterwards and didn't know what it was.  Of course shortly after our toilet started not flushing well.  Then shortly after that our downstairs one had the same problem.  So Travis went to work, he tried all the usual things to clean a toilet and then went to the hardware store a couple times and ended up taking both toilets off the base and outside to snake and figure out what was going he found a toothbrush lodged in one and the middle part that holds the toilet paper on the holder in the other, so the problem...Sammy likes
to throw things in the toilet.  The solution is now Sammy is banned from all bathrooms until he is potty trained, we were just considering starting soon so not sure if we will rethink this or not.  So the others are instructed to yell and stop Sammy from entering any bathroom.  But I will say it was a blessing we didn't have to call a plumber!  Oh the adventures of a two year old, keeps us on our toes:)

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