Monday, June 13, 2011

A Chapter of Life comes to a close

This is a picture of 905 Jackson Way, Ft. Pierce, FL the home of my grandma Pinnie for 53 years.  This week I will be posting some memories of times here, in order to reflect on all the good memories had in this house and on this street and on these beaches.  Grandma is having to sell her house for some sad, unforeseen and undesired things, but since this has to happen and this is how life is, we press on thinking of all the good times that have been had here.  We are in Florida right now to help with this process while Grandma is in the hospital battling a virus and pneoumonia. 

So at the end of every trip we would stand outside the tall palm by the door and take a family picture, one day I'll dig them up and scan them and show you the progression of our looks.  We have been coming to grandma's since we were too young to remember, but here are a couple of memories for today to remind our family that life is about making memories, looking onward to what lies ahead and remembering that all of the things on this earth will one day perish and all that matters is in eternity.

**Catching fish off the seawall while sitting in fishing chairs, drinking sweet tea, and then grandma cutting and cleaning them and then frying them up to eat for dinner with the best hushpuppies you ever had!
**Walking down the road to the beach, forgetting:)  to put on sunscreen and coming home burnt and to a lot
of trouble.
**Asking grandma to call Uncle Red so we could go swimming in his pool (the pool where we all learned how to swim in).
All for today, hopefully more to come!

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