Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Memories

I hope to post some pictures of our current trip, when I can figure out how to download to grandma's computer, so for now here are some more memories. 

**Asking grandma when we went to town to drive over tickle hill.  This was a steep hill in town that if you ride over fast it tickles your tummy of course.  We would always ask her if we could go over it, so tonight we took our kids over it.  I asked Travis if I could drive home from Sonny's(yum!) Barbeque to show them a surprise.  So of course Travis starts kind of freaking out when I start speeding up to go over a random hill in downtown, so then all the kids laugh and love it.  So I remember the old memories and make a new one with our kids tonight as well. (I have been told that they did pave it some, so its not as steep as it used to be.)

**Going fishing at the Savannah's...Herschel cast back and got a hook caught in his back, grandma very calmly stuffes his loud cussing mouth with donuts and proceeds to cut the hook out with a knife she had on hand...I know it had to hurt.  I think we kept fishing after that.

All for now, more to come!

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  1. Yeah for memories! I couldn't help but cringe at the Herschel fishing one - can you say OUCH!? Glad you got to eat at Sonny's and drive down the hill again :)