Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures from trip-more memories made!

Well I wasn't able to download these pictures until I got back home, so yes I made it back to NC.  Travis and the kids left on Saturday(18th) to come back and I stayed on to be with grandma at the hospital and finish all the packing.  Did I say she lived in this house for 53 years, if you are a pack rat like she is then you can accumulate ALOT of stuff in that amount of time.  So it was a fun experience.  A side story, I had just finished boxing up about 20 boxes or so of sea shells, did I also mention that grandma has a lot of collections, anyway I texted Aunt Beth and Herschel and said jokingly the Ft. Pierce beach was calling saying they had a decrease in their sea shell population did we know anything about it, ha right.  Then my dad calls me from work to say, oh I forgot to mention in the white cabinet behind the door there are more seashells, had to laugh even more...I will say it was fun packing up her stuff, hard, dirty, hot, tiring, backwrenching, ....etc.  but still neat to see more of grandma through her stuff.  So here are some pictures from our time there, another thing about the closure of this trip was that my kids and Travis also got to make new memories that hopefully they will remember as they get older.  So enjoy the pictures!  And keep praying for Grandma she is now 3 weeks in the hospital, in and out of ICU, trouble breathing, not eating well and still trying to figure out this bad virus. 
Grandma taught Travis and I how to cut fish heads off, scale and clean them. Travis was able to teach Isaiah.

Isaiah scaling fish for the first time!

Anna making elephant skin, that is what they called it!

Sammy and Micah also making elephant skin.

Isaiah and Sammy with the snapper they caught*see snapper story at the end

Micah fishing at the back of grandma's.  Have same pictures of us as kids.

Anna and Sammy looking on!

The whole crew at the beach.

Micah trying to overcome his fears.

Anna loving the water.

Isaiah loved to look for fish!

Sammy loved running to the water's edge and back

Boys after a hard morning.

Cool Ft. Pierce sign we found in downtown.

Cool tree we found in downtown.

Sammy after day at the beach, he stopped right inside the door.

This was the one time the kids got to see grandma, she was just so sick.

Sammy enjoyed the bed!

Anna giving hugs!

Last picture at Jackson Way spot!

And a wave goodbye!

Kids called this tree the leaning tower of superhero's!

**So the snapper story is worth telling, as this is also a good memory and unique thing about grandma's house, their are some good stories told.  So Travis and Isaiah are fishing, Isaiah gets a bite on his line and tries to pull it in, the line Travis gets the surf board, jumps in the canal swims out to the line and brings the line in fish and all, and oh was it good with some hushpuppies!!

Travis asked me on our drive down, so what are the things you want to do on your last trip here??
My answer  1.)  Serve, love encourage grandma however I could, this was before we knew she would
be in the hospital the whole time, I just imagined it would be really hard to see everything being packed up and moving from her lifetime home.  2.)  Go fishing-just something relaxing about sitting in a fishing chair with a glass of tea and enjoying the view.  3.)  Go to the beach with the family.
Well I was able to do these and always wish I could do more for grandma, but had some good times with her at the hospital.  The neat thing is Travis did some things too, he and Isaiah jumped off the seawall, swam in the canal-something I have never done in all my years there.  They got crabs and clams along with all the other usual stuff.  So needless to say we made some new memories to go along with the old ones.  Jackson Way was always good to us and we are thankful that memories are made and remembered, that places come and go, our family, the people in the memories are what make them special.  So thanks Jackson Way for being a place where our family could have a good time and now we look forward to the next place to have more!! 

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