Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anna started school

Well this is late too, what can I say life has been a little more hectic than even the usual and I couldn't find the cord for our camera until tonight, so wanted to add pictures as well...So Anna started Oak City Academy in August and loves it.  She loves going to school everyday and other than being a little more tired and whiny when she gets home it is going well.  Her class has about 11 students and she says they are all her friends.  She loves to be a helper and to do her works.  We do miss her during the day, but homeschool is going really well this year with the boys so that is a blessing.  Enjoy the pics below of the first day and then some of Anna's soccer as well, she is doing better at going after the ball this year. 
Breakfast before first day of school!

Getting ready to go in to class.

Greeted with a hug, by faithful friend Charissa!

Putting her pink-luggage pull bag down, that she had to have:)

The Classroom, amazing!

Pick up at the end of first day, hugging with some friends.

Close up of first tooth lost!

Anna in soccer, she is actually dribbling the ball here, you go girl!

Just so you can see her face!

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