Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football is Here-Go Gators!

Micah and Anna-Twins!

Sammy wanted in on the picture action too!

Micah and Anna playing-see she even follows Papa's basketball team too!

Watching Gators vs. Cinnicati

Even eating little debbie football brownies!!
Well of course football season has arrived, yes I'm a little late here.  Hope you enjoy the pictures above.  While our house right now is predominantly Gator fans, one day if Sammy ever weighs
in we could become a split house.  So despite the fact that Anna does have a gator shirt on in the picture above she is still a Vol, which is okay.  Her and Micah just decided to dress like twins,
which is the only reason at this stage of her life she would ever wear a gator shirt, however I am still working on this.  Then as you can see the boys got to stay up and watch the first gator game with grandma, who went to bed first that night, it would be me!  So we are enjoying football this year and our family as well.

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