Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our kids are growing up

I know we all hear so often, enjoy your children while their little, they grow up so fast, Yes they do!!

Things are that are currently making me more aware of this, in no particular order:

1.  Anna lost her first tooth today, our baby girl is growing up.
2.  She is also moving up in the classes at church, she will no longer be in Ms. Nicole's class, this makes me very sad, I feel like she's been there forever, she is too little to be in the 5-7 year old class even if she is five:)
3.  And yes she is starting school, not homeschool she has been doing that for awhile she is going to go to kindergarten at OCA, a school here in downtown that some members of our church are starting.  She starts next week, will send pictures of this.  We have gotten some school supplies, how fun! 
**You may be thinking what are we doing putting Anna in school and not the boys, who knows:))
Seriously, this school is new so the boys weren't an option, they start at pre-K and K and add a grade a year.  We thought this would be a good year to try this with Anna to not add anything more to our plate with schooling, and give her a wonderful learning opportunity.  As always we take all their education one year at a time, so that's the story for this year.
4.  Sammy is potty-training:)  Day one today, I'm exhausted!  I think he can pretty much make pee come at any moment, we are full force into underwear except naptime of course, and break time for everyone else in the house.  Wow this may be the first time in 8 years that we will not have a child in diapers(again except bedtime, still have some bedwetters:) 
5.  If you think we will save $ by not buying diapers, think again.  I've always been told when your boys get older they will double, triple your grocery budget, I'm sure that will be true one day.  But I can see glimpses of this already.  When we sit down for dinner with a nice GALLON pitcher of crystal light(trying to do less sugar), when everyone's glasses are poured there may be a little left in the pitcher, basically we can drink it in one sitting.  When we eat waffles, gone are the days of one box, we eat two at one meal...and on and on it goes. 
6.  Micah is going to be in first grade, and his soccer team has moved up to where he now has games on saturdays too!
7.  Isaiah is going into third grade, his soccer team now has a goalie, he will be taking a writing class for 3-5 graders this year from someone other than his parents, and he will try his hat at flag football something he has been wanting to do for over a year.

Well I'll stop there for tonight, have another day of potty training tomorrow!

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