Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adoption Update

Not sure we've ever officially posted much about our adoption, other than we are in the process and the sidebar that tells where we are.  We are so busy with all that life has for us right now, that sometimes these thoughts take a back seat, but we do know there is a little girl out there who will one day be a Williams kid and that is exciting!!  We did get approval from the US government and just had an AMAZING fund raiser given to us by our church family.  It was such an overwhelming display of love and it came at just the right time to send off our dossier to our agency, so hopefully that will be in the mail soon!  The dinner was a taco bar which was so yummy, there were games for the kids they bought tickets to play each game and then there was a silent auction of some amazing items that people made bids on and of course the highest bid won the item.  I have to admit that I wanted to bid on a lot of the items myself, but realized that wouldn't be appropriate.
It was a HUGE success and we were so amazed, and it was a good reminder for us of why we are doing this.  It was decorated with pictures from China and facts about China.  So we are pressing on in the adoption and will keep you posted.
Had to add this picture, this was from the fundraiser,they also had a photo booth!! 

These pictures below are from our first trip to China to one of the homes there, this was the first tug at us:)

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