Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anna's 5th Birthday

Our Anna Lucia turned 5 this past Sunday, we are thankful to God for her precious gift of life to us.  She is all girl and yet is tough enough to hang with her three brothers, full of energy, full of talking,
full of imagination and great joy. Here are some pictures from her birthday festivities that happened to span over three days here(not intentionally). We had a party for her on Saturday and was a treat to have Uncle Herschel and Grandma Donna here to help decorate and get things ready. 

Anna came down dressed as mama and papa, my hat Travis's shirt and shoes.

Splash party in the backyard!!

Getting ready to play a game!

Throwing balloons at their parents, Anna seemed ready to go.

Her pool cake

Blowing out the candle

Birthday girl!

Our traditional chocolate chip pancake breakfast had to wait until Monday,

And they were worth the wait!!

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