Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Questions & Reflections by the kids

As our previous post stated we have had opportunities to talk to our children about death, and now more personally since grandma died.  It has been a good time of sharing with them, of hearing their little hearts and thoughts in all this.  Here are a couple of their words:

1.  One of our kids at the funeral, asked if he could see Grandma, I said sure look up at the slideshow and the pictures all around, he said no I want to see her and pointed to her coffin which was a closed casket.  So he wanted to see her body, I think he was very curious at these events.

2.  Our children have been praying for grandma since her death:
Lord please help grandma to feel better in heaven.
Lord please help grandma to have fun in heaven.
Lord please help grandma to not miss us in heaven.
Lord help grandma to have good friends in heaven.

3.  One asked if we should stop praying for grandma because she no longer exists.
4.  One asked if God likes it when people die and go to heaven..and went on to say it doesn't make sense if he is because its sad.

Well I won't tell you all of our responses but as you can see we have a lot of questions to answer and not all of them are easy.

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