Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation in Tennessee

We left from Florida to an already planned trip to spend a week in Tennessee with Travis' family, so we have had some good time in the car:)  Thankfully the kids travel great for their ages.  This was tiring after having just left all of the emotional hardness of Florida, but it was a fun time!  See the pictures below and
All the cousins at Uncle Steve's friends amazing pool!  Yes Anna is the only girl:)

Sammy loved this little hottub/small pool, the dogs he liked okay.

The kids at Cades Cove in one of the old cabins.

Cades Cove fence-We saw one deer running and two bear cubs!

Anna in one of the big fields.
Sammy trying to follow his siblings to climb this tree.

Isaiah climbed really high and then caught the branch and swung down, it was pretty cool.

Picnic in the woods, keeping our eyes out for bears.

Knoxville zoo, had to get a picture of the GATOR!

Camel rides, what fun.
Giraffe was pretty close though hard to tell in pic.

We had a great time with Granna and Grandpa at their house, playing with all their toys. 

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