Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well it's been a long month in the Williams home, with two trips for me to Florida due to my grandmother's illness, which meant Travis being here with the kids.  He did an amazing job.   In the end my  grandma passed from this life to be with Jesus on July 4th.  This was a very long 3 weeks for our family, a reminder of a lot of things about life, death, family and God over all of them. 

My grandma lived a long 89 years of life, here is an article the local paper wrote about her:

Grandma holding Sophia when she was a baby, she LOVED to hold her great-grandkids!
Our family at the beach last year in Sarasota with grandma.
Grandma with Aunt Beth.
I am proud that she was my grandma, she taught me a lot of things that at the time I probably took for granted.  At her funeral my brother shared some light thoughts on all she taught and I thought it was helpful to laugh and be thankful so here are some of those things he shared:

1.)  Grandma taught us how to clean, scale and cut off fish heads-you've heard this before.
2.)  She taught us that if you weren't catching fish you weren't tilting your head the right way.
3.)  She taught us you were always welcome at the dinner table, but you always had to wear a shirt, (think this is more applicable to the males-thus my brother sharing:)
4.)  There is no such thing as a bad cookie, that is so true, she loved sweets and would eat any cookie around.
5.)  The F word...which was, she would say this if a fish got a way, or if something happened she wasn't expecting. 

  Here is a picture (mainly for Lorraine) of the pallbearers, they were all staff of the boy scouts. 

It was also fitting that the day of her burial was the last US launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, a big news deal, many were able to see the trail of smoke of the shuttle just after the graveside service. 

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