Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Asa Jarius Williams

We are excited to announce the birth of Asa (Healer) Jarius (One Who Enlightens) Williams, who was born on January 20th.  He was 9 lb, 1 oz, 22.5.  He was a week late so had to be induced and it just so happened that it was on Isaiah's 11th birthday.  

 Many people have asked how we came up with the name, in the hospital it was funny listening to the responses when we told them his name.  Both are from the bible, but it just happened that earlier this year we were reading in 2 Chronicles and we came across Asa who was a king in Judah.  We noted the name at the time as something that could be a possibility for our baby.  So it was added to the list.  Our kids had actually been calling him Asa on and off, before he was born, so they must have known he was a boy:)  
**Side note I had only heard the name Asa on the soap opera One Life to Live, that Lorraine and I used to sneak and watch when we got home from school, (don't tell dad:) Asa Buchanan, so once I got the picture of him out of my head, I really liked the name!! 


  1. Haha! We have friends with a son named Asa too and that's all I could picture when I thought of him, but it's a great name! Congrats!!!

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