Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas stuff-misc. 3

We had a good morning of a big breakfast, opening gifts and playing the wise man game with the kids, Here are a few pics from our morning.  We were glad Grandma Donna was able to be with us!

Shiloh, sporting Anna's new headbands!

Grandma Donna, new sweater!

Cool stool from Grandaddy, great job reupholstering!!

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Cool puzzles from Aunt Beth with everyone's names!

New comfy blankets-yeah so fun I know!  of course from us:)
So short story, about my dad's package that he sent.  He sent it UPS supposed to be here on Friday the 20th.  It doesn't we just keep waiting thinking they are delayed for Christmas.  Finally my dad calls to track it and they say its been delivered.  So we check and he had put down the wrong zip code by one number which would be for a city over from us, however the rest of the address was correct.  Long story short they delivered it to some house in Clayton, NC with a totally different address than ours.  They would have to send a truck back out to try and retrieve this package.  So on Christmas eve, a lady pulled up at our house just as I was ranting to Travis of how they could deliver a package to a house with a totally different house number, street name and town was beyond me, it was delivered to her house and she thought we would want to get this package by Christmas!  I cried, probably because I was pregnant, but still thought that was so kind of her, and how amazing that she could find where we live, but the UPS couldn't...oh well, we got the package!!  Very thankful!

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