Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catching up-Isaiah's birthday:)

Well I keep thinking I need to journal, post catch up with the blog and then more weeks go by.  So anyway, I will try to update through the year with some highlights.

In January we brought Asa home, and as I said before he now shares a birthday with Isaiah.

Isaiah turned 11 this year and the luxury of posting so late in the year is I can share how he has grown so much this year.  Isaiah started middle school this year and not only that but not at home anymore, off to North Garner Middle School he went!  He had some friends that were on his soccer team at the school so that really helped him adjust.  He is doing great!!  It definitely is a bigger workload, but he has risen to the occasion and although he wont' say it, I think he really enjoys it.
We are so thankful for how he is growing up, he is a real helper around the house, especially with Asa.
He still plays soccer and enjoys watching football.

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