Thursday, November 13, 2014

Micah turned 9!!

Well in March Micah turned 9.  We had the Cordell family over to celebrate with a sleep over and good time.  Micah also started school this fall at Rand Rd. Elementary, the elementary school in our neighborhood.  This was a change from his old school and it was an adjustment for sure, as Micah likes things the "way they are" he is a creature of habit, however I can see how he is growing in different and good ways through this.  Because the school is only .3 miles from our house he gets to be the leader and walk Anna and Sammy to school and he is doing great at that.  Micah still plays soccer, loves hats and being a goof off, he's a lot of fun!!

Some pics from the year:

Micah's party with part of the Cordell crew.

Micah blowing out candles in his fedora-love hats!

His 9 year old chocolate chip pancake:)

Playing on his last season with the Crusaders…moved to a new team in Garner league.

Micah getting his trophy at the end of the season from the best coach ever!


  1. A wonderful family with adorable pictures. Very glad to know that Micah turned 9 and doing well in his new school. His birthday pictures are amazing and I loved reading the captions.


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