Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 planes, 2 ferry boats, lots of buses, 1 taxi=fun in Turkey

Well we made it back safely from our trip to turkey where we spent 9 days with some dear friends from our church.  They moved over there about 5-6 months ago(can't remember now) with their three children, two girls and a boy.  Their oldest girl is Anna's age and was in her sunday school class, thus the reason we took Anna, not to mention she was the last one to go anywhere.(although Micah will remind us he doesn't remember his trip).  We had a wonderful time living life with our friends, seeing where they live in Istanbul, the big city, how they get around and how they are learning the language.

Anna' first plane ride, she earned these wings for listening so intently to the stewardess. 

Anna and Papa after plane ride.  Anna loved the plane, when we took off she yelled like she was on a roller coaster!

We toured some in the Istanbul, this is the ceiling of Hagia Sophia, amazing!

More Hagia Sophia

This is the Blue Mosque, also in Istanbul.

Anna, Samara and Naomi dressing up in a restaurant we went to.

Okay one of Travis and me, this was in a rug warehouse where our friends were buying a rug, fun pose!

Samara and Anna on bus ride to airport, Anna kept saying buses with no seatbelts, this is amazing!

This was the drive from the city of Batman to Hasankeyf, those tents are where nomads still live.

City of Hasankayf, this is the city where people lived in the caves of the moutains, some still do.  Tigris River!!

Look for the holes in the side, these are the caves, truly an amazing site!!

Anna and Samara trying to make friends!

Slumber party!

I'll close with a picture of our dear friends, whom we so enjoyed seeing! What a view!

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