Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conversations in the Car

The kids always find fun things to look at or do while we are driving around, usually to Target.
Some of these are:
1.)  Micah and Anna love to look for taxi's, I guess it is kind of like punch bug with no punches and taxi's instead of punchbugs... but its pretty funny, they will yell at each other Micah I saw a yellow taxi, oh where!  Isaiah has told them that we took taxi's everywhere in China so they think he saw millions of them.  So when Anna went to Turkey she had to count them for Micah to tell him.  And
she even got to ride in one and was so excited, and it was one of the first things she told Micah when
she saw him in the airport, "Micah I rode in a real yellow taxi!"
2.)  They all love to look for how close we are to home, they do this by looking for all the tall buildings of downtown.  They call them "the buildings of home", which we can see from many places as we near home.  Then we have the hill of home, the bridge of home, all the last of things as we arrive to our wonderful home.
3.)  Then just funny conversations...this was a couple weeks ago.  So Sammy had on one of Anna's girlie hats, he is still learning that boys don't wear easter hats so he wears them.  So I was trying to tell him in the car, Sammy you are a boy, boys don't wear girl hats.  Then Micah says I'm glad that I am not a girl, to which Anna responds, why and he says because girls cry when they have babies.  Anna responds, "what!  mom is that true do girls cry when they have babies.  I was able to tell her that yes, it does hurt to have children.  To which she said, okay I don't want any children.  To which Micah said, don't worry Anna your still a kid, only grownups have kids.  Then it started into being married, to which Micah said I don't even want to kiss anyone so he knew he didn't want to which his mom said, that is a good thing.  So right now my children know it is painful to have kids and they don't want to kiss anyone, so this is a good thing.

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