Friday, March 4, 2011

Micah Turns 6!

Well our sweet Micah turned six yesterday, it is definitely hard to believe our little guy is six.  We had him right as TCC started so we usually measure our church by his age as well, so this year our church will be six years old too!  Micah's birthday comes at a busy season, so his celebration was a mixture of different things over a period of a couple days.  He even got to spend some time with his Granna and Grandpa, Uncle Steve, Aunt Lori and cousins Jacob and Tyson, will have to post pictures of that trip when I get for now this is what we did.
Micah's toothless grin with his pirate ship cake! We celebrated with our community group on Wed night.

Then of course chocolate chip pancakes for birthday breakfast,I am improving on my numbers:)

Fun lunch at the park with our very best friends!!!

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