Friday, February 24, 2012

Both Hands Project Done-For now!

We had a great group of volunteers come out on Feb. 11th for our Both Hands project.  We started bright and early with breakfast at our place and then headed over to Berna's house to get started.  The day started out with comfortable temperatures but by our stopping time of 5 o'clock with winds starting to pick up it was pretty chilly, what do you expect in February I guess.  What we did was tear down a dog pin in her yard, cut down trees that were damaged from the tornado, haul away alot of old stuff from her yard, sand, prime and paint her fence, and do some cleaning up in her kitchen.  This was just a small dose to show her that God does make all things new, as he does with us.  It really was a fun time and there is still a lot more work to be done on her house, so we hope to continue our relationship with her and gradually do some smaller things to help as well.  I will post some before and after pictures later, but for now here is the video that an amazing videographer and splendid neighbor put together!!  We have been blessed beyond measure with all of the great volunteers on this project, many who are currently in the adoption process themselves, that made it all the more special. 

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