Thursday, March 8, 2012

Micah is 7!!

Well Micah's birthday was on Saturday the 3rd in which he turned seven years old.  We of course had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and he really enjoyed eating his number seven.  This was also the day that our kiddo's were supposed to start soccer, so the plan was to go to three games that day, however due to the downpour of rain the night before that continued on, we only had Isaiah's game that day.  So we again went low key this year, spending the morning doing what Micah wanted, playing games and eating.  Then we headed off to Isaiah's game where the younger three had the opportunity to play in mud puddles while Isaiah played, which of course was a blessing to their parents:))  Then we headed off to Micah's favorite pizza place, Cici's.  This is an all you can eat buffet, but what Micah really loves about it is that you can order a pizza of what you want and have them bring it to your table so you get the whole thing, so he ordered his favorite, cheese pizza with no sauce:)  Yep, pretty much just cheese bread, but he loves it and ate almost the whole thing himself, 8 pieces of it.  So we then headed home to watch a movie and enjoy each other.

Micah at 7:

Micah is a semi-quiet, probably the quietest of all of our children, which means he usually is thinking, examining, scoping, ..etc..his surroundings.  In this he can also tend to be sneaky, so his tricks or poking at his siblings don't come in the form of blatant offenses, but rather a behind the scene poke, trip or whatever is up his sleeve the given day.  Micah is also very sensitive at this age, he takes things
to heart really easily, which of course can be good at times and not at others, but I do love this about him and pray that God will keep it in him and grow it for his glory.  Micah also loves to learn, he soaks up everything you say and typically doesn't forget it.  Micah also has little quirks...he loves to pick out clothes, usually with a tie, as seen above and wear them all day for no reason(I guess he has one), and of course this is so contrary to gym short Isaiah.  He also can be seen wearing one sock quite often, thus he has earned the nickname, the one sock wonder.  He also would eat snacks all day if I let him, and hardly eat his meals..., he is also right now our pickiest eater if you didn't get that from cheese pizza with no sauce, this provides a good challenge for the cook of the house, yet an exciting one to find things that he will eat.  Micah does love to hear about God and his word, he loves his classes at church and he loves pondering what happens after you die, sometimes more morbid than others, but I think a healthy dose of reality, so our Micah is a thinker...and we are so thankful to God for him!!
Just had to show you Sammy in action after our Micah birthday breakfast and the kids are clearing off the table in typical Sammy fashion, he picks up a pancake off the plate, takes a bite and then puts it back on the plate to carry over to the counter...just needed one more bite to tide him over!

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  1. Funny about Sammy and his pancake nibbles. Fun to read about Micah too...Excited to see how his little personality fits into OCA next year!