Monday, March 12, 2012

Addedum to Micah

Wanted to add this about our Micah, this gives you a glimpse (maybe into his mind as well), although we truly never know what he will say.  So we came home from church yesterday and Micah said to me, "Mama if/when I become a Christian then I want to go in the army"...okay Micah, of course we pray that one day he will be a Christian and trust God with his life, but me thinking how does that correlate to the army?  Isaiah pipes up, because he has already shared this with his brother, he says that because he thinks people in the Army die faster and he will go to heaven quicker!  Well all in all that is a pretty good logic and perspective on his part.  The realization of eternity with God being better!  Anyway that's our seven year old!!!

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