Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shiloh Zhengyi-Update

Shiloh-hebrew-meaning his gift, or he who is to be sent. Also a site in the bible as well as a battle in the Civil War. Zhengyi-her given first name that means justice or righteousness.
This is our little girl, we probably aren't supposed to post her picture yet, but we weren't told not to, so here she is! She is two years old, born June 9th and we can't wait to go get her. An update, we did have to do an amendment to our homestudy to add some new language in regards to her health so that it would align with her medical chart so we got that done and sent off to USCIS and should get final approval this week from them, then we will just mail this off and wait for our travel approval. We are thinking now that this will be November, we have already received our visas and have them ready to go!

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  1. God is such a Creative God and I'm glad he has brought this little girl into the William's family. I hope you can look back on this journey and find the Joy of the wait was so worth it.