Friday, October 5, 2012

Travels cont.

In August we went to Jasper, Ga to visit Aunt Beth, or actually converge on her home. Since David and Lorraine and the kiddo's were in the states, we wanted to make the most of their time and get all the family together so Beth was gracious to open her home to all of us! Granddaddy and Uncle Herschel came up from Florida and we had a great weekend. Our family slept in a camper one of Beth's neighbors graciously let us use and everyone else slept in Beth's place. We had fun going to falls, parks, playing soccer in the road, driveway, park wherever, eating smores, eating other food, and trying to keep up with all the kids! So like we said not many conversations took place with 8 kids under 9, but hey, we all had fun..enjoy the pics..
This was the camper we stayed in, a great adventure!
This was cute, sibling love, and this red chair is a favorite at Aunt Beth's.
Porch fun!!
Granddaddy wheel barrel rides, great fun!
Adults versus kids soccer was an event that went on all weekend! More pics to come tomorrow!!

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