Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Part 2-still late:)

Well Granna and Grandpa made the trek from Tennessee a couple days after Christmas to meet Shiloh and of course see everyone else too!  We had a good visit with them, enjoying all the yummy food Granna brings which usually includes her fudge that the kids love.  Yes Shiloh actually loves it too, I think she could eat her share as much as Sammy could.  We were thankful they made the trip, as it can be hard on Granna having to drive the whole way but she is willing and able so were glad!  Shiloh, loved to go to Granna too, so this was good.  And Sammy loves to play with Grandpa, which made for a fun time.  

Our flower children:) 
Sammy's favorite place!

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