Monday, January 21, 2013

Isaiah turns 10!

January 20th, marked the day that our first son was born, Gosh we have now been parents for 10 years, that seems like a long time.  The theme seems to be going at our house to keep things simple, so I guess that is our ongoing birthday thing:)  Anyway, Isaiah did get his share of celebration though.  First we were blessed by a dear/generous couple who gave Travis a pair of Duke tickets for the Duke/Clemson game.  So sidenote, Travis has been a huge Duke fan since he was a kid so this was a double blessing because then Isaiah is now a Duke fan, so this was a perfect time for Isaiah to go to his first ACC basketball game and he loved it!  Not to mention Papa was pretty happy at his first venture to Cameron Indoor!

Isaiah James Williams

We did of course the usuals, we had our chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, along with real thick bacon which is a splurge, that all the kids love!  We did this saturday morning, since sunday mornings make it kind of hard to cook a big breakfast that takes any amount of time.  So then on Sunday, after church we just did things Isaiah enjoys, football, play games, watch football, etc., had a yummy dinner and then double layer chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate icing per his request, can you say rich!

We had a great couple days of honoring the life of our first born son, and prayers for him.  Isaiah is our
oldest, so he does bear a lot of the responsibility around the house in helping and for that I am thankful because he does a good job.  He has a sweet demeanor, and is great with the little ones.  For good reason you hear Shiloh yelling through the house, "Isaiah" she knows if she wants a free ride upstairs or down, she has one in him!  He is tender toward her and other little ones, but also is rough and fun out on the football field.  Isaiah loves to read right now, and is working hard in school(most of the time).  We do pray he will be a man of great faith one day and thankful for his life!
Isaiah holding our friends baby, Derrick.


  1. Love him! We had so much fun chatting with him on Wednesday night during community group. He has grown up and matured so much! Happy birthday, Isaiah!

  2. I still remember that day and holding him for the first time! Happy Birthday, Isaiah! What fun celebrations you all had.