Monday, February 11, 2013

Support-Can't live without it!-Post 1

I wanted to share about the support that is and has been a blessing in the journey of our adoption, because without others walking the road with you I don't see how it is possible.  So I will do this in different groupings and thought it fitting to start with the support of Kristin Cook, I will hold her out individually because while we couldn't adopt/go without the support of so many people we truly could not without her.  Kristin has been a dear friend for approximately 10 years.  Our paths crossed when she worked at the Bargain Box with Travis and was in school at SEBTS where we both went to school.  We became fast friends, she actually babysat Isaiah(our 10 yr.old) as an infant while I would go to class.  Fast forward, we started TCC(our church) and she is one of the founding members, so we walked along side her in ministry and life.  Kristin and I have always had a connection, in a lot of ways we had similar childhoods which allows us to relate to each other and understand certain dynamics of life just because we've walked through them in similar ways.  We have been meeting off and on for ten years, we read books together like Future Grace way back in the day, to a lot of the CCEF counseling stuff, always trying to look/share/encourage/fight together this life with Jesus.  We had the privilege of having Kristin live with us for a little while, and she still loves us:) even after that.  Kristin is a servant in the truest sense of the word, one who lays down their life for another.  She has really been a part of our family sense the beginning, our kids LOVE her and were so sad when she moved to Texas.  I mean crying sad.  So anyway, in this adoption journey one of the big questions was will both of us travel to China?  I remember thinking of course we will, not a question, not an option...BUT then?  Who will watch our kids, and can we afford it?  Well who knows and no were the answers:)  Shortly thereafter, I was talking with beloved Kristin and she said, "I will come and stay with your kids, I would love to do that!"  I of course, said please think about it first, but of course we would love for you to!  Now let me tell you why this is the biggest blessing we could have.  Because, its Kristin.  Not many people know our kids like she does(okay we did learn they have grown up a little in the time gone by:( ) but still, they know her well and she knows them.  And more importantly she knows us!  She knows how we parent, she knows how to have fun and she knows how to instruct/train and discipline.  We knew we could completely trust her, and not have to worry one second about our kids back home while we were around the world in China, that is a huge burden to have taken away!!  I knew that Kristin could have fun with my kids, spoil them a little, have fun and do fun things, because yes we were half way around the world and they did miss us, and then she would know how to talk to them and instruct their hearts when they needed it.  Kristin allowed/fostered the time we were away from our kids for them to make memories too, to pray for us while we were away and to go out of her way, in so many ways for them to be in the journey too.  Kristin is gifted in so many ways, service is one of them, while we are all called to serve(not an option) some are more gifted than others and she is....she is also an amazing photographer and has taken photos of our family over the years, of which all of them are amazing, so her eye for love and life is amazing!!  And of course if you can't tell Kristin loves to care for orphans in their distress, she has devoted part of her business KristinShyla Photography to just that!!  Kristin is most amazing because she loves Jesus, and seeks to abide in him, her fight is real, her life is real and we are so thankful for the love and support she has given to us over the years and most recently by caring for our children like they were her own!  I wanted to do this post on her birthday, which was Febuary 3rd, but yeah I have five kids now and time just flies away.  So the reality is that both Travis and I could not have gone to China had it not been for Kristin, now that's support...more to come!!

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