Monday, February 18, 2013

Support 2-Homecoming welcome!

Well I was going to talk about my wonderful family next, but then realized I hadn't posted Shiloh's welcome home pictures, so that is long overdue.  So in including these pics I will talk about church family.  This of course falls under support, those greeting us at the airport, which was an overwhelming feeling, as we walked down the escalator I saw all these people and was just so overcome with thankfulness!!  Our church family is amazing!!

The siblings...waiting anxiously

Grandma Donna and friends waiting...
This is what we saw coming down!!

Shiloh looked a tad overwhelmed, why are all these people cheering?

Love this of grandma!
Meeting her brothers and sister for the first time!

Look how tightly she was grabbing Travis' shirt!

Finally broke a smile for Thomas!

Love this of Anna, and Micah in background.

These were our airport supporters, there are a few different in each pic and we are thankful for all of them!

Our church family did and does so much for us, we truly could not have done this without them.  They of course allowed Travis to take off work to go, they have prayed for us from the very beginning and walked along side us every step, bump, crash along the way.  They have been there to encourage us at the right time, to host a shower at the right time, to host a support dinner/auction at the right time, all the while showing us a greater love of Christ through these acts of which we didn't deserve.  It is super special though bringing Shiloh home and her meeting all of these wonderful people who have been praying for her and now they get to walk along side her as she is part of their family now too!!

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