Monday, February 18, 2013

Support-post 3

In this series on support, I will say it again there is no way in adoption you can do it alone, we know that and have felt it on various levels and degrees.  This post will talk about our family, we are so thankful for our families who have supported us in so many ways.  We do not take this for granted either, as we do know that not all families have this gift.  And in understanding this we realize that for some it is a foreign idea to them, adoption, and then international adoption.  Some just don't know anyone who has done it so its just different for them, its almost like the ignorance of racism the unknown produces fears.  So I will say that while I can say that all our family supports our adoption, I can also say it has been neat to see how some were hesitate or had questions and are now blessed to know Shiloh.  My dear grandma Pinnie when I first told her, asked why we wouldn't adopt here in America, which is a pretty common question when I told her why we chose to adopt internationally she understood.  It does make my heart sad that she never got to meet Shiloh, I know she would have loved her and called her doodlebug just like she did all my other kids.  My parents have been super supportive, my dad has been very generous in giving, and was always attentive and asking questions through the whole process I am thankful for him.  My mom loves Shiloh and too always asked good questions about her, curious about her life.  There is a priceless picture of her, as we arrived home and she saw her for the first time.(previous post)  Travis' parents have been very supportive too, They have been very generous in giving and have fallen in love with Shiloh.  They were able to come visit and Shiloh was smitten with Granna right away!  Our siblings have been super supportive.  My sister and her husband were so gracious, they were gracious with their money and their time, my sister flew to Guangzhou to be there when we met Shiloh for the first time.  She was our resident blogger and photographer for the first couple days we were there.  It was helpful that she lives in China and speaks Mandarin, so she was able to talk to Shiloh's caretakers, help us get around and eat good food, and shop.  It was also just comforting to have her there to help out and talk to.

  My brother Herschel always asked good questions, and came quickly to meet her upon her return, she took to him pretty well, thankful for him and is willingness to drive and see us.  Travis' brother Steve and his wife Lori were very generous in giving toward our adoption, and always asking and being genuinely concerned about our trials in the journey and progress, we were thankful they took an active role in our journey.  His other brother Mark and his wife Jane were also very supportive, genuinely curious and concerned, and generous in giving as well.  Again we are so thankful to have such loving siblings to walk this road with us.  Our extended family was also very supportive, my Aunt Beth is one of those, she was an example as one who adopted her son a little while ago:) and allowed me to have a framework for adoption.  She also was very generous in her giving and super supportive in her words of encouragement to me.  We know that each person has different perspectives on their family experience, which is what makes us so thankful to have family who love and support us in this process.  I know this will help Shiloh down the road as well, knowing she is part of such a loving, welcoming family..

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