Monday, March 25, 2013

Micah turns 8!

Our sweet Micah Eli turned 8 on March 3rd, it is so hard to believe that he has grown up so fast.  We always measure his birth with the birth of our church, which does make it easy to remember since he was just born when we had our first service.  Micah is still our more shy, sensitive child who processes things more deeply than the others at this stage of life.  Micah started school this year at OCA and has done well academically and is growing and learning how to love his classmates.  Of course it helps that Anna is one of those, so they have a really neat bond.  Micah says a lot of thoughtful things that really shows me he thinks alot.  One recently, he said, Mom I'm glad they have orphanages, in my mind I was thinking thats odd, I wouldn't say that because it means we have so many orphans, but he said because they were able to take care of Shiloh, and then I realized what he meant and I thought that was super sweet.  For Micah's birthday, we had our special breakfast of pancakes, he got to go with Travis to a professional soccer game, and then we took him to his favorite Cici's pizza...boy that was an ordeal, but will spare you the details.  But he got his special pizza so thats all that matters!  Then the next weekend we were able to have his buds the Cordells over to spend the night, basically a week long celebration of  our sweet boy.  Thankful to God for him!

Micah with his 8 chocolate chip pancake!!

Micah with his cookie cake, with chocolate icing in the middle!
The rest of the crew at his birthday breakfast!!

Then we had the cordells over for a slumber party!!

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