Monday, March 25, 2013

Update of Shiloh-random pics

Shiloh has now been with us for three months, and it seems like it has been forever.  She is still doing amazingly well.  She loves her siblings, loves playing hide and seek with them, and hiding in the pantry from them.  She understands most of what we say, come to the table, time for bed, brush teeth, pretty much any commands we give her right now.  Her speaking in English is of course getting better and better, she has a couple of little phrases she can say, "mama look""where did she go" "thank you mama"  so we get really excited about that because its almost like a sentence.  She started going to physical therapy, but we have stopped for a little while, to get some evaluations from other agency's.  So we will see, but her legs are getting stronger from going up and down the stairs and running after all her siblings.  She seems to be adjusting well to her new family and we all certainly love her.
This girl loves to accessorize!

And make hand signals for pictures!

She put her hands like this and then I had everyone else follow, so funny!!

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  1. So cute! She looks like she's always been there! Hope you're doing well...