Saturday, January 12, 2013

Financial Update

Just wanted to explain briefly why I changed our giving thermometer.  At the end of our adoption process, which is actually still ongoing in some ways with paperwork and fees, but the travel part we had a certain amount left to raise which at the time we thought to be just our travel and we thought our travel would cost roughly 6000.  But what happened is we had the privilege to travel in December which caused this to make our expenses be more than we thought, so it looks better to see how much we have paid and raised so far against the whole total bill rather than just the travel.  Please do join us in praying there is one grant that we applied for that is the last one out there that they may be gracious to grant us something toward our remaining bills, if we are the family God wants to receive some.  And again we are so thankful for all the generosity we have seen, it truly is amazing!!!

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