Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time in SC

Well like I said earlier we spent a week in South Carolina at a little cabin out in the middle of nowhere, no cell reception, no computers, no tv, just the great outdoors and it really was great.  It was also really fun to go into these little towns that my dear friend Holly grew up in and see where she lived and hear wonderful stories.  Her parents were very gracious to us.  Her dad teaches swimming lessons once a year during the summer and we were hoping to do that, but then our house went under contract so we missed them...however he was so kind to take us to the pool one day and give our kids a mini-lesson, they loved it, shortly after this is when Micah started getting really brave in the water and swimming on his own, so we were thankful for this time!  The kids would play games in the woods with Travis, they loved catching frogs and throwing them in the river as well as any insect they could capture.  A couple of them were brave enough to swim in the river too and had a blast!  We had a great time in Clio and were so thankful for all the friendly people we met, our kids want to move there by the way:)

A couple pics:
The little dock at the back of the cabin.

Travis and Isaiah in the river.

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