Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time in Tennessee

While Travis was in Turkey we spent a week in Tennessee, here are some pics of our time there:

Shiloh's first time in a swimming pool, she liked it as long as she  was held.

Micah really grew a lot in the water this summer!

probably Shiloh's favorite spot. 
Sammy & Micah:)
Granna and Grandpa's neighbors have a pool that they let us swim in almost everyday, so this was very nice and of course they loved it!
Then no trip to Tennessee is complete without a trip to the zoo, this time Aunt Lori, and cousins Jacob and Tyson got to come too, this made it extra fun!
Sammy & the elephants

Anna too!

And Micah.

And Isaiah.

Shiloh with the zebras!

The cousins together!

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