Sunday, July 21, 2013

Update on Life......

Well the past month and a half has been pretty much a whirlwind.  We have had our house up for sale for quite a few months now, this was a very hard decision one that we have pondered for awhile as our family keeps growing and our house size stays the same.  We moved on to South St. 8 years ago when Micah was a little baby, and have enjoyed being there everyday!  We brought home Anna, Sammy, and Shiloh to that home and shared tons of wonderful memories there together.  We have lived there with the Cordells, our dearest friends for these 8 years, so needless to say this was really hard on everyone in our family whose best friends were always in their backyard:)  We don't take this for granted and do cherish our time on South Street and all the memories we made....

But we finally got an offer on our house, and the gentleman was selling his house so he wanted to close on June 14th, not much notice, and the day Travis is scheduled to leave for Turkey for 10 days, but we did what needed to be done.  So that is why Shiloh's birthday was somewhat low key, we were busy packing up our house:)  So we signed paperwork on the 13th, and the kids and I headed off to TN for a week.  The house we were going to rent wasn't available until July 1st, so we were kinda homeless for a couple weeks, the kids thought this was pretty exciting.  After a week in Tennessee, we met up with Travis in South Carolina where some of our dearest friends parents let us stay at their little cabin for a week.  This was very restful, a place on the river out in the middle of nowhere, the kids had a great time!  Then we headed back to move into our temporary house while we keep looking for a house to be our permanent home.  So we are getting settled in Knightdale about 20 minutes from downtown Raleigh.

A picture of the kids on the last day at 324 E. South St.:(

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