Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Other Fall Stuff

We continued in our homeshool co-op that Isaiah, Sammy and Shiloh attend on Tuesdays while Micah and Anna are still in Oak City Academy.  This year Sammy got to be in a class and he absolutely loves it!  He talks about it all the time and loves the little boys in his class.  He also has been able to do science class with Mrs. Dana some this year and has loved this too!
Sammy and Mercy showing their food chains!

We moved into our new house at the end of October, so this allowed our kids to go out in the new neighborhood and meet a lot of people and enjoy some candy in the process.  We were able to do pumpkins and they really enjoyed this.

Shiloh did stay home with me to help pass out candy along with another little friend.  Someone had advised me that it might be a good idea as she could get scared in seeing some of the people walking around on Halloween.  Boy was she right.  Our neighbor happens to work at a local corn maize so she is all dressed up, face painted in black and white and came to bring candy to our kids.  So I answered the door and Shiloh totally flipped out, which I guess makes sense.  This happened a couple more times with a couple of the darker costumes, but she does love herself some candy-guess she gets that from her mama and papa:)
Shiloh as princess

Mei-Lin trying to get some candy out of the bowl:)

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