Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Soccer in the fall

All the boys played soccer this fall.  Of course this was tons of fun, but did provide for a lot of running around on the weekends.  Sammy played this season for the first time and really enjoyed it, he liked watching himself run around sometimes more than watching the ball but at his age that is usually how it goes.  And we would much rather him do that than push other kids down, like many have the habit of doing at this age.

Micah had another season with the Crusaders, where Travis was his coach.  These boys had a great time playing together and pretty much dominated the league, not loosing any games, and tying one.  Micah improved a lot and even got to play goalie a couple times which he enjoyed.
Crusaders-of course Micah has head down:(

Micah coming in!
Isaiah also had another season on the same team, although they changed their name to the Spartans in hopes of having a fresh start with coaching changes and a struggling season.  Isaiah did well this season having a good attitude in the midst of a lot of losses and of course that is a good skill to acquire:)  He played a lot of defense this season and proved to be a great defender!  Since we moved he will tryout for a different team this year.

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