Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sammy Turned 5!!

Well our sweet Hosea "Sammy" turned 5 on November  14th, the same day as his beloved Uncle Herschel! (although Herschel is a tad older)  We were able to have a party for him this year and was thankful that he is at the age to really enjoy it.  Over the years he has had a lot of cakes at community group, so it was time he had an actual party.  He wanted Spider-Man and had a great time.
Sammy's chocolate chip pancake breakfast:)

Eating at party with his friends.

Playing games at his party!

Sammy with his "twin" Caleb they were born same day, same hospital:)

Of course his favorite part, the cake!
Sammy at 5:

He is full of energy!
He wakes up full of joy, ready to talk your ear off and get going-not like the rest of his family:)
He still loves to give hugs!
He has a very thoughtful and sweet side to him, we often say he has the gift of encouragement.
He loves school and loves to learn.

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