Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adoption Update

Well the questions come, how is your adoption going?  I am thankful for that question every time someone asks it and the answer can change in a matter of time.  One thing I knew going into the process was that it was unpredictable, I am thankful to have dear friends who have walked this road twice before me in front of my eyes, so I know about delays and updates and those things....BUT I will say I wasn't prepared this soon.  So we have had our dossier at our agency for a little while and it was being autheticated, when low and behold, the Chinese Embassy gets a new consulate and he/she decides they will change one of the law/procedures/who knows what it is that says certain paperwork that used to be valid for up to a year is now only valid for 6 months, yep 6 months, that is not a long time in adoption time....So needless to say we were a little taken back because for us that meant, we had to get new copies of everything older than 6 months, that's about I was ready for updates, and delays but not this early, and that reminds me again that I'm not in control of this process and a greater reminder that our Sovereign God is, trust him!  So anyway, we've had to update a lot of paperwork, and update our homestudy all of which we are almost done with, so we are thankful yet again!  Hopefully in a couple weeks all of our paperwork will be back and ready to go to the Chinese embassy, all updated and ready to go........

And in other news our Both Hands project is drawing close, Feb. 11th is almost here, we are really excited to see what God will do through this project and we are also excited about the ongoing relationship we are building with Berna Griffin, the lady whose home we will work on!  She is a real sweet lady, who has a lot of needs on her home, so we are thankful God brought her to us and we can't wait to get working!! 

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