Saturday, January 21, 2012

Isaiah is NINE!!!

It is so hard to believe that our first born is 9 years old, I remember when my friends son turned nine she said that is halfway to 18, that sure puts it in perspective, wow!!  Well I know I just gave a mini update on Isaiah, but today is his special day the day God saw fit to bless us with our precious boy so we scream with thankfulness.  We went low key this year in the sense that we didn't have a party per se for Isaiah, we still did lots of fun things that we knew he would like as a family.

Started the morning like all birthday mornings...with chocolate chip pancakes and this year special bacon thanks to Uncle Steve.  So I had my plan to take a picture of his 9 pancake, but after we prayed he dove right in to eating, when I came back I was like WAIT we have to take a picture...

Then he spent the day doing some fun things he games, football...etc.  Ate pizza for dinner, had cookie cake, ice cream with fun stuff like magic shell and strawberries...

We had planned to extend his celebration into Saturday morning by going to a movie but realized there were no good ones playing at the dollar(now 2.00) theater right now so we opted to do our own, so we got a new movie (Tale of Despereaux), popped popcorn and got movie theater candy and did our own, which in the end was way better than all going out on what ended up being a yucky day!  So that was the end of our celebration.  He also will get to go to his best friends house for a sleepover tonight as one of their birthdays is the 24th, so he will have continued fun through the night as well.

Isaiah at 9......
Isaiah currently is my big helper, which makes sense because he is the oldest, but he really is a good helper.  He is great with Sammy, he tenderly looks after him which is so sweet to see.  He has started asking good questions that shows he cares about you and wants to know how your doing, again sweet!  Isaiah overall seems to have a really tender heart, no he's not perfect but he is sensitive (not quite like Anna sensitive) and has a spirit of caring and concern.  He will start soccer back up at the end of February and this provides a good opportunity for him to grow in skill, teamwork, and is great to be around other boys his age.  He also seems to be a perfectionist when it comes to his performance so needless to say this is a good ground for growth.  He is also excited about his baby sister not yet here, for our adoption fundraiser he willing/joyfully/excitedly took support letters to his writing class because he wanted to be a part of the process...I thought he might be nervous asking his teacher if he could hand them out, nope he ran right up there:) Okay I almost cried, just emotional I guess.  Our boy is growing up!! 

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