Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Most Precious Gifts

I thought it might be good to share some ways God is growing our kids as well as some of their funny quirks at this stage of life, to of course share with family who don't have the privilege of seeing them often.  This is also good for my memory as to soon I will forget.

Isaiah James

He currently loves anything related to football, narrow it down a little Dallas Cowboy football or Florida Gator football to be precise.  It amazes me that he now knows way more about football than I do, the players names, numbers, positions, etc...not that I considered myself a pro, but surely know more than an 8 year old?  Not so.  As he wrote in a recent paragraph in his writing class, he loves
to wear clothes that are on sunday as soon as we are in the door he is upstairs putting on shorts and a t-shirt and mind you he doesn't wear a suit to church, usually jeans and a decent shirt, but he still prefers shorts and shirts/jerseys even in December.  Isaiah played his first year of football this year at the Salvation Army for the Bronco's, it was a good first year experience, he would have hoped for more wins:)  Isaiah is doing well in school, he is a quick learner, soaks up facts and most of all loves when we are done, I guess I can't blame him.  He has a tender spirit right now that I pray is always there.

Micah Eli

Micah if a had to name him a song, free bird comes to mind not necessarily the lyrics but the implication of the name itself, he has a spirit within him that is unique and usually leads him to be in his own world a lot.  Which I have been told is similar to how Travis was as a child:)  Micah currently loves football as well, probably by default to family however while he is a Florida Gator fan his current NFL team is the St. Louis Rams due to the look of their uniforms and mostly their helmets, Micah loves a good looking helmet.  Micah is in first grade this year and loves to sit still in a chair and do his work:))  Micah has a gentle spirit that we too pray will grow into something God will use one day.

Anna Lucia

Anna started OCA(Oak City Academy) this year and is in kindergarten, she absolutely loves it.  She has lots of new best friends.  She still loves playing with her baby dolls all the time, loves writing or coloring anything and loves playing with her brothers.  Anna being the only girl right now tends to be a little more sensitive at times...For example one morning she was humming Rocky Top (Tennessee's song) and she asked if I knew what she was singing and I said yes, then she asked if I liked it to which I said no(of course being a Gator I couldn't say yes:) then here she goes, she busts out crying(this happens quite often), but I still thought this was over the top.  But this shows she is really sensitive, so needless to say, I sang Rocky Top for her the next morning.  Anna has a sweet spirit though and is full of excitement and life!!  We pray God uses her zeal for his glory!

Hosea Samuel

 Sammy turned 3 in November and he loves to tell you how old he is and hold up his three little fingers.  He generally has a wide small on his face with a twinkle in his eye, which sometimes means you don't know what he has been up to:)  I told Travis the other day he reminded me of him, I caught him getting Hershey Kisses out of a jar on the counter and asked him what he was doing, he said "eating chocolate" as if he could have endless amounts of chocolate until his heart I had to remind him that he has to ask for things.  Sammy loves to play with his siblings who he calls "the kids" most of the time and follow everything they do.  He enjoys doing PE this year with the other kids and is holding his own out on the track, if he doesn't get distracted looking all around, or trying to talk to you then he does great, if not, well skinned knees usually occur.  Sammy is still our one who cuddles, to which we will take as long as possible!!  He has a spunk and sweetness both at the same time that makes him so fun to be around.  

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